Media Credentials

Arizona Services: The office of Senator John McCain will manage accreditation for media organizations interested in covering the lying in state ceremony at the Arizona State Capitol and the memorial service at North Phoenix Baptist Church. We are unable to accept additional requests for media credentials for the Arizona services at this time. Thank you.

Lying in State at U.S. Capitol: The four Senate Media Galleries will be issuing credentials for the lying-in-state ceremony at the U.S. Capitol. Members of the media should contact their respective galleries in the U.S. Capitol at the following phone numbers:

  • Senate Radio/TV Gallery: (202) 224-6421
  • Senate Daily Press Gallery: (202) 224-0241
  • Senate Press Photographers Gallery: (202) 224-6548
  • Senate Periodical Press Gallery: (202) 224-0265

Washington National Cathedral: Washington National Cathedral will be issuing credentials for the memorial service at Washington National Cathedral.