Cindy McCain Statement on the 2020 Election

I am so proud of the voters in Arizona. We turned out in record numbers, through vote by mail, same day drop off ballots and voting in person on Election Day. We demonstrated in Arizona that, even in a pandemic, we will turn out in droves to participate in electing our leaders, obey the rules and take pride in the execution of our democracy.

The election workers are incredibly impressive. They have worked almost literally day and night for weeks now, ensuring Arizonans could vote and then that they counted every ballot carefully- all in the midst of a dangerous pandemic which might have caused them to stay home. It has required some patience to get to the final conclusion. But, it is a conclusion that we are totally confident is legitimate. Thanks to all the workers who staffed the election centers, count room and the many other roles that are critical to putting on an election. You did a great job.

This was a hard fought election but now that the votes are counted, it is time to do the work of uniting our state and our country. Arizona has a long history of conducting its elections honestly and with integrity, and 2020 was no exception. Arizonans should not be trying to cast doubt on the legitimate outcome of this race. The race in this state is not close enough to meet the legal standard for a recount, so we should accept the results and get on with the healing we need. Frivolous lawsuits and unfounded allegations that are intended only to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election benefit no one and harm our state.

It’s also in Arizona’s interest, and in America’s national security interest for President-elect Biden to have access to intelligence briefings and other crucial data on the threats we face. And it’s important the president-elect and his team to be able to meet with the government officials who are handling the pandemic response as COVID-19 is spiking across our country.

President-elect Biden and I have been friends for over 40 years. He is a man of honor and defined by his love of the United States and particularly our troops, as was my husband, John. Our country needed a new direction to heal the wounds caused by the outgoing administration; Arizonans showed up in record numbers and I am pleased that many joined me supporting Joe Biden, who has won Arizona’s 11 Electoral Votes. Of all people, I know what it is like to lose an election, so I am sympathetic to those who wished the election had come out another way, but I remember John’s example in 2008 of accepting the decision of the voters and moving on to the next challenge. So I hope all Arizonans and Americans will join me in congratulating President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris.