U.S. Naval Academy Ceremony Details

On Sunday, September 2, 2018, at approximately 2:00pm ET, a private memorial service will take place in the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis, Maryland, honoring the life of Senator John McCain. Senator McCain’s family and friends, along with the U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1958, Naval and military leaders, and the Brigade of Midshipmen have been invited to the ceremony.

At approximately 1:45pm ET, Senator McCain’s motorcade will arrive at the U.S. Naval Academy, be received with ceremony, carried into the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel by Navy Body Bearers, and placed on a bier. The Navy Band and Navy Ceremonial Guard will provide a formation consistent with Arlington National Cemetery honors for retired Captain. A private ceremony will begin at 2:00pm ET:

Hymn, “Amazing Grace” led by U.S. Navy Choir
Invocation by Rear Admiral Margaret G. Kibben, Chief of Chaplains of the Navy
Reading of Psalm 107:23-32, read by Mark Salter
Tribute by Senator Lindsey Graham
Tribute by General David Petraeus
Hymn, “Faith of our Fathers,” sung by the U.S. Navy Choir
Tribute by Jack McCain
Reading of Ephesians 6:10-18 by Doug McCain
Final Blessing by Rear Admiral Margaret G. Kibben, Chief of Chaplains of the Navy
Hymn, “Eternal Father,” and Recessional

Following the ceremony, Senator McCain will be carried by the U.S. Navy Body Bearers, and placed on the caisson. A procession will then form and proceed to the final resting place at the U.S. Naval Academy Cemetery. Senator McCain will be removed from the caisson and honors will be rendered. The procession will proceed to the final resting place, where a private interment will be conducted by the U.S. Navy Chaplain:

Words of Scripture
The Lord’s Prayer
The Pastoral Prayers
The Benediction

Tributes and Readings (Listed Alphabetically):

Senator Lindsey Graham: Friend. United States Senator from South Carolina. Formerly, United States Representative for the Third District of South Carolina.

Lt. John S. “Jack” McCain IV, U.S. Navy: Son. U.S. Navy helicopter pilot and instructor. Graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

Douglas McCain (USN-ret): Son. American Airlines pilot and retired U.S. Navy pilot.

General David Petraeus (USA-ret): Friend. Chairman of the KKR Global Institute. Formerly, Director of Central Intelligence; Commander of the International Security Force and U.S. Forces – Afghanistan; Commander of U.S. Central Command; and Commanding General of the Multi-National Force—Iraq.

Mark Salter: Friend. Author. Formerly, Chief of Staff to Senator McCain.


Ben Domenech: Son-in-law. Publisher of The Federalist.

Joseph Donoghue: Friend. Legislative Director in the Office of Senator John McCain. Served on Senator McCain’s staff since 1988.

Commander Everett Alvarez Jr. (USN-ret): Friend. Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alvarez and Associates. Formerly, Deputy Director of the Peace Corps; Deputy Administrator of the Veterans Administration; Chairman of the CARES Commission. Prisoner of War and Veteran of the Vietnam War.

Colonel Jon Fer (USAF-ret): Friend. Teacher and Principal at elementary schools in Los Angeles, CA after serving in the U.S. Air Force for 28 years. Prisoner of War and veteran of the Vietnam War.

Captain Frank Gamboa (USN-ret): Friend and Senator McCain’s roommate at the U.S. Naval Academy. Founded Gamboa International Corporation after 30 years of service in the U.S. Navy. First Mexican-American to command a U.S. warship in the rank of commander and captain. Vice President of the U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1958.

Michael Harper: Friend and neighbor. Federal prosecutor in the Department of Justice. Formerly, an associate at Jones Day.

Rear Admiral Thomas Lynch (USN-ret): Friend. Executive Chairman of the Board of Advisors, NewDay USA. Trustee of the Naval Academy Foundation. Formerly, Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy, and Commander of the Eisenhower Battle Group in Operation Desert Shield.

General James Mattis (USMC-ret): Friend. U.S. Secretary of Defense. Formerly, Commander of U.S. Central Command; Commander of U.S. Joint Forces Command; Commanding General of the 1st Marine Division in Iraq; Commander of the 7th Marine Regiment and 1st Marine Expeditionary Force in Afghanistan. Commanded 1st Battalion, 7th Marines in Operation Desert Storm.

Andrew McCain Jr: Grandson.

Andrew McCain Sr: Son. President of Hensley Beverage Co.

Caroline McCain: Granddaughter.

Douglas McCain: (USN-ret): Son. American Airlines pilot and retired U.S. Navy pilot.

Margaret McCain: Granddaughter.

Shep McCain: Grandson.

Ronald Perelman: Friend. Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings, Inc. Chairman of the Board of Revlon, Inc. Trustee of New York and Presbyterian Hospital, and trustee of The University of Pennsylvania Institute for Human Gene Therapy.

John Raidt: Friend. Vice President of Jones International Group. Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council. Formerly, staff member of the 9/11 Commission; Staff Director of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee; Legislative Director in the Office of Senator John McCain.

Admiral John Richardson: Chief of Naval Operations. Formerly, Director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program; Commander of Naval Submarine Forces.

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